Some of my favorite WWW sites

Wow, this list is old. I created about a decade ago, and have barely updated it since. But it might be interesting for historical reasons...

Note that there are the beginnings of organization at the end of this list. I actually have many items cleverly placed into descriptive categories!

Here's a list of the categories:

Totally unorganized section

Genetic Programming, Algorithms, and friends.

Genetic algorithms are search and optimization strategies based on the ideas of genetics. The basic plan is to evolve solutions to problems. Genetic algorithms (GA's) typically search over a space represented by binary strings. Genetic programs (GP's) search the space of computer programs. Artificial life is similar in the sense that computer programs are evolved, but the operations used to evolve the programs are typically different than those used in genetic programming. Note that these things have nothing to do with gene-splicing or the creation of mutant forms of life that are bent on destroying the world as we know it with their awesome psionic powers.

Computer stuff

PDA's, Organizers, and calculators

  • Psion Database files
  • Psion Info
  • HP 200LX web site
  • HP 28 web site
  • HP 48 FAQ

    Linux Goodies and Catalogs

    Linux is the operating system you should be using if you aren't using it currently. It is a free Unix clone, developed over the past several years by countless programmers all over the world. It is currently being used by many thousands of people, including me. I like it, so it must be good.

    Shopping online

    Company Home pages


    Oh, motorcycles, how I love thee.

    TCL Stuff

    PGP and other security info

    PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is a free encryption program that you can use to prevent others from reading your email or files.

    Music, music groups, and their hip friends


    Perl attempts to prove by example that power is inversely proportional to beauty. It makes a strong argument.


    Asian things

    Movie-related stuff

    Misc files

    I have to admit, I based this whole page on one that I copied from a former coworker of mine, known elsewhere as Curly. Several of the links from his page are still here, and I really have no idea what they mean. I'd delete them, except the titles sound vaguely interesting, so I keep telling myself that someday I'll check them out and delete them if they prove worthless. The following links are in this category, though they aren't the only ones.

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